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Getting There

By Air:
Venezuela offers optimal air connections with Europe and North America. European airlines offer services to Venezuela through connecting flights: Alitalia via Milan and Rome, Iberia via Madrid, Tap Portugal via Lisbon, AirFrance via Paris and Lufthansa via Frankfurt. Additionally, American Airlines and Continental Airlines fly from their respective hubs in the USA. Aerolineas Argentinas, Varig and Lan Chile fly from South America and Copa Airlines from Central America.

Useful Contacts:
Air Europa
Tel +58.212.951.7853
Av. Francisco de Miranda, Torre Europa, Piso 9,Of. P-9. Campo Alegre, Caracas

Air France
Tel +58. 212. 283.5855
Av. Francisco de Miranda, Parque Cristal, Torre Este, Piso 2, Los Palos Grandes, Caracas

Tel +58. 212. 285.3332
Av. Andrés Bello, Edificio Atlantic, Los Palos Grande, Caracas

Tel +
Av San Felipe 16, Torre Centro Coinasa, Piso 2, La Castellana, Caracas

TAP Portugal
Tel +58.212.951.0511
Av Francisco de Miranda, Edificio Canaima, El Rosal, Caracas

By Land:
Venezuela has road connections with Colombia and Brazil. From Colombia, entrance is possible from Macao to Maracaibo, from Cúcuta to San Antonio del Táchira and from Araucato El Amparo de Apure. Brazil is connected from Boa Vista to Santa Elena de Uairén or from Rio Negro to San Simón de Cocuy (one stretch on the road, the other by river). In order to connect with Guyana, it is necessary to travel though Brazil. 

By Sea:
Commercial sea lines operate between Venezuela and Trinidad, Aruba and Curacao.

Documents and Visas
To enter Venezuela you need a passport valid for at least six months. A visa is not required for citizens holding European passports. A Tourist Card (Tarjeta de ingreso, DEX-2) is given to visitors free of charge by the airline. It must be filled out and shown at Customs who will stamp it and return a copy which must be kept insidethe passport for the duration of the trip and returned upon departure from the country. The tourist Card is valid for 90 days and can be extended. 

Currency and Exchange Rates
The unit of Venezuelan currency is the Bolívar.
The official exchange rate is Bs 2.150 per US dollar and Bs 3.020 per euro (to September 2007). The US dollar is the most convenient  currency to use and it will be readily changed in any authorized money exchange office or “casa de cambio”. Exchange in the black market will get you a better fare but is illegal. 

Traveler´s checks are rarely used as it is difficult to change them outside of Caracas.The most convenient brand to use is Ameri­can Express, but they need to be changed in a bank and these have limited bank hours.

By contrast, major credit cards are widely accepted in most important tourist destinations.

Cash can be drawn at the airport in Caracas with the Bancomat card in Maestro or Cirrus cash points.

Airport Taxes and Park Fees
An airport tax of US$ 61 is currently levied on international flights and of US$8 on national flights. Entry fees per person for Los Roques National Park are US$ 15 and US$ 10 for Canaima National Park.

No immunizations are necessary to travel to Venezuela.
We nevertheless recommend asking your physician or a specialized center for more detailed information. Forthose traveling to the southern Amazon, a vaccination foryellow fever is recommendable as the disease is endemic in some areas and compulsory for passengers continuing to Brazil; there also are malaria carrying-mosquitoes and therefore antimalarial drugs are recommendable.

All of Venezuelais on the same time zone, four hours behind Greenwich Mean (-4GMT)

Venezuela is located between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer which renders a subtropical climate.
It experiences two seasons: the “dry” season or summer between December and April and the “rainy” season or winter between May and November. The length of the seasons and the amount of rain vary according to the regions and the Amazon, for example, is rainy all year round. Average temperatures roughly vary between 22°C and 30°C throughout the country all year round with the exception of the Andean region, where temperatures can drop to 0°C in winter, and Caracas which enjoys a constant spring climate due to the refreshing effect of the Avila National Park. All months have particular conditions that make for a pleasant journey. In the summer months, the level of the rivers descends uncovering lakes and white sand beaches and insuring an all day blue sky and sunshine. It is a good time for trekking in the Orinoco Delta, the Llanos or the Andes where the concentration of animals increases in the waterways. From May to November, the rains generate a green explosion, invigorating the rivers and waterfalls which makes it a good time to visit Canaima and Angel Falls.

Official Holidays
New Year’s Eve – January 1
Carnival – between February and March. Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday
Easter  - between March and April. Thursday and Good Friday
Declaration of Independence – April 19
Labor Day – May 1
Battle of Carabobo – June 24
Independence Day – July 5
Simon Bolívar’s Birthday – July 24
Discovery of America – October 12
Christmas – December 25
Internal Transportation

By Air:
Maiquetía International Airport (Caracas) is the main hub and has connections to the main tourist areas and cities. Most frequent air routes are Porlamar, Maracaibo, Puerto Ordaz, Mérida and Valencia, and there are regular flights to Barinas, Puerto Ayacucho, Barcelona, Ciudad Bolívar and Maturín. Main domestic airlines are Aeropostal, Aserca, Conviasa, Rutaca and Avior. Smaller companies such as Aerotuy, Transaven and Sol de América cater to Los Roques archipelago.

All of Venezuela uses 110 volt electricity with US type flat two pin plugs. It is best to bring an adapter.

Embassies in Caracas

British Embassy
Av. Principal de La Castellana, Torre La Castellana, Piso 11
Phone: +58 212 267.12.75

Embassy of France
Calle Madrid con Av. Trinidad, Edif Embajada de Francia, Las Mercedes
Phone: +58 212 909.6500

Embassy of Italy
Entre 1ra y 2da Transversal, Qta Ancla #64, Av. Mohedano, La Castellana
Phone: +58 212 262.14.20

Embassy of Spain
Edif. Bancaracas Piso 7, Plaza La Castellana
Phone: +58 212 266.02.22 / 03.77/ 12.41 / 13.68


Embassy of the United States

Colinas de Valle Arriba, Calle F con Calle Suapure

Phone: +58 212 875.64.11 / 78.11


Swedish Embassy

Torre Phelps, Piso 19, Of 19-A. Plaza Venezuela

Phone: +58 212 781.69.76


Swiss Embassy

Centro Letonia, Av. Eugenio Mendoza, Piso 15, La Castellana

Phone: +58 212 267.95.45 / 95.85


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