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Duration: 6 nights - 7 days
Day 1 Caracas – Canaima National Park
Departure from Aeropuerto Metropolitano in Valles del Tuy, near Caracas, over flying the Llanos and the Orinoco river, the Guri dam and the tributaries of the Caroní and Paragua rivers to enter Canaima National Park. After landing, visit to the waterfalls and transfer to the lodge on the banks of the Canaima lagoon. Afternoon boat ride on the lagoon and walk to El Sapo cascade for a walk behind the water-curtain, a breathtaking experience. Overnight stay.Meals: - / L / D

Day 2 Canaima National Park
After breakfast, a low altitude flight along the river. Entry to Devil’s canyon to reach Angel Falls and see the Auyantepuy, one of the largest table top mountains populated by extraordinary rock formations and endemic flora. Arrival in Kavak, a village of the indigenous Pemon community at the base of the majestic Auyantepuy, built in traditional round and rectangular “churuatas” or huts with a thatched roof made of Moriche palm leaves. Short walk starting in the savanna and continuing through a thick forest for a magnificent view of the Auyantepuy. Visit to the Kavak cave, a deep canyon that features a 13 meter high cascade that drops right in the center of a pool of clear water where it will be possible to take a swim. Walk up the hill to another waterfall for a view over the Kamarata valley. Afternoon flight back to Canaima. Overnight stay.Meals: B / L / D

Day 3 Canaima National Park – The Llanos
Morning departure from the rainforest and flight over the Orinoco river to reach the Llanos or plains where we will see a much drier landscape populated by a great variety of fauna. Arrival in Hato El Cedral cattle ranch and a car or boat safari for bird and wildlife watching. In the late afternoon, from the swimming pool, we can watch the birds returning to their roosting trees. Overnight stay.Meals: B / L / D

Day 4 The Llanos
Full day excursion through the ranch to photograph alligators, capybaras, deer, scarlet ibis, hawks, jabirus, hoatzin, anacondas and anteaters. Overnight stay.Meals: B / L / D

Day 5 The Llanos – Los Roques National Park
After breakfast, we board the plane to fly back towards Caracas, land in Charallave airport to switch to a light twin engine piston aircraft -compulsory to cross the Caribbean sea- and reach Los Roques National Park. Arrival to the island of Gran Roque and check-in in a pre selected posada. First excursion to a neighboring island by “peñero” (local motor boat) with lunch box on the beach. Late afternoon return to posada. Dinner and overnight stay.Meals: B / Lunch Box / D

Day 6 Los Roques National Park
Whole day excursions to neighboring islands. Trips to other islands in the archipelago or sports activities such as diving, snorkeling and windsurf can be organized locally.Meals: B / Lunch Box / D

Day 7 Los Roques National Park - Caracas
Flight to Caracas after breakfast. Arrival, airport assistance and departure by intercontinental flight. Meals: B / - / -

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